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I’ve always been a firm believer that the creams, lotions and body products that I put onto my bare skin should have the best ingredients, which is what turned me onto Seaflora.

A few years back, in an effort to ride my face of the horror that was happening to it (long of the short and without too much detail, I was being attacked by a late onset of hormonal acne!)

In the past, I had used Proactive for my acne control.  I had gone off of it for financial reasons but needed something that I knew would kick this acnes butt!  I bought a kit at a pop-up kiosk at my local mall.  The next day I had a chemical burn on my face.  It was bright red, small blisters everywhere, my eyes and cheeks were swollen.  It was horrible.  For someone that has sensitive skin, it was a nightmare!  (Yes, I did call/email the company about this.  I was informed that the formula had been changed to a high strength and that this had been happening to others as well)

For the next few days I popped allergy pills to take down the swelling and rubbed endless amounts of coconut oil onto my face (all while having to go to work and face being seen, by people!)

My mother works for a Health Spa in my home town, Grail Springs Spa.  After I told her what had happened, she sent me Seaflora’s Seaweed Body Gel.  I kid you not, within the first hour of putting this onto my skin, the burning feeling was gone, the redness started to lighten and when I woke in the morning, the swelling had gone down.


Seaflora is located on the outer coast of Vancouver Island, B.C.  It is hand-harvested from the cold clean Canadian Pacific Ocean, Seaflora Skincare is the most nourishing, authentic and effective thalassotherapy products available today.

My favorite products from Seaflora are: Foaming Fucus Cleansing Concentrate,  Sea Spray Splash Toner, Potent Seaweed Serum, Potent Sea Kelp Exfoliator Balancing Sea Kelp Concentrate and Seaweed Body Gel (not pictured).

Seaflora  wild seaweeds and ocean mud are certified organic demonstrating their commitment to sustainable harvesting and skincare manufacturing. SeaFlora works with the whole seaweed plant and gently processes it to retain all the exceptional elements, vitamins, and minerals contained deep within the seaweed. The products are natural, free of dyes and animal-by-products, contains no artificial fragrances or parabens, and are not tested on animals.

After reading all the vitamins and minerals that are in seaweed naturally (vitamins A1, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, K, Folic Acid and over 60 minerals), I was in love!

In addition to these nutrients and minerals, Seaweed is a treasure of nutritional concentrates. Seaweed contains amino acids to help firm and renew tissues. It has fatty acids to help increase fluidity of cellular membranes and to fight against inflammation. The beta-carotene in seaweeds assist in slowing the skin’s aging, treating acne and irritated skin, as well as eczema problems.

Not only did this product save my skin, it has made it healthier, younger and has taken care of my problem acne (except for the one that creeps up every month).

If you are looking for an all natural, organic, CANADIAN product…this is my pick!

Thanks Beauties,

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Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me. These are my own, honest opinions. Not a sponsored review.


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