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Silk Naturals: Hit or Miss

If you’ve been following me on social media (Instagram, Facebook) than you know I’m on a journey to “Clean up my beauty routine, one product at a time”.

Like anything in life, if it’s good for you, they want your arm & leg!  So, being a frugal, ex-drugstore shopper (I haven’t been to my local store in over a month! YA me!) the cost of Natural, Organic, Green, products really shocked me, at first.

When you really stop and think of what your getting for the price, than it is justified.

I was introduced to Silk Naturals from my favourite Natural Beauty YouTubers.  It is affordable and offer a large selection of makeup, tools, skincare, fragrances, hair care and lip balm for that man in your life!

Silk Natural Purchase

I purchased eyeshadow, samples of concealer, lip gloss and lip stick, as well as a primer and setting powder.

Silk Naturals is a “independently owned natural cosmetics company”. They are “located in Trumansburg, NY”. The beauty about Silk Naturals is that they make all the products by hand, and have been since 2006.

In their info section, you will find a lot of questions answered, but the one that struck me was this one:

Do you test on animals?
“No- never have, never will. We are PETA Certified cruelty free meaning we don’t test on animals, contract it out to anyone who does, and none of our suppliers test on animals. We are independently owned, so there is not parent company that tests on animals either.  We also don’t ship to China.
The closest one of our products gets to an animal is if one of our beloved pups steals a lip balm (they love it).”  LOVE IT!

Lip products

Lip Gloss & Lip Stick Purchased

Seedy: After reviewing and debating on the many amazingly lovely shades that are available, I decided to go with Seedy, a raspberry mauve lip gloss, or Kisser Slicker! This shade is listed as an all-time favourite shade, so I knew if I was going to try any of them for the first time, it should be this one!

I was not disappointed and agree with the claim (although, it is the only Kisser Slicker I’ve tried 😉 ) It is so smooth, pigmented, and long lasting.  It gives my lips a glossy but not over done feeling. It is Gluten Free, however, not vegan. The ingredients in this is amazing as well. It’s for sure a HIT.

Rapturous: I also picked up the Rapturous lipstick.  It is a muted rose with a hint of brown. This formula is creamy, moisturzing, and lasted quit a while on me. It has a nice light vanilla scent as well. This is Vegan & Gluten Free and made with over 80% organic ingredients!  I have fair skin and colouring, so it went on a little darker than what some of the reviews stated and the swatch that is on the website.  Overall, It is a HIT!


Silk Naturals Eyeshadows

So for starters, their shadows are loose pigments.  They do have a solution and pans that you can buy to press them yourself.  This was the first time I had used loose pigments and it was a messy experience! I’m not a fan of them, however, all the eyeshadows that I purchased are very pigmented and long lasting.

I purchased the Blue Eyes Shadow Kit because it offered a few items for a great price.  2 full size eyeshadows, eye primer, a little brush and instruction card was included. Doubloons is golden copper colour and has shimmer.  Brown Sugar is coppery brown with shimmer. Stick ‘Em primer was included as a sample size.  It helped with the mineral shadows that came in the kit as well as helping fall out and longevity.  I found that it was tacky and after some experimenting if I left it for a few seconds, it dries down enough to allow for your brush to move over it without sticking (I had this problem the first time).  The reviews speak for themselves!

They have perks and specials/gifts with purchase as well (which I took advantage of!). I got for FREE a full size eyeshadow.  I decided on Parallel, medium-deep pinky brown matte. Vegan and Gluten Free, very pigmented and long wearing.

I also picked up a blush, Abstract and received a bronzer, Beach Bunny as a free sample. Both are pigmented and go on nicely.  I am not a bronzer lover and I do not normally wear blush, so it was nice to have and experiment with both. I’ve used both as eyeshadows as well.

Face Products

I do LOVE that Silk Naturals has samples available for most of their products.  I purchased samples of the HD Cream Concealer in #1 & #2, Oil Control Primer in Translucent and the Perfecting Powder in Sheer.

The HD Cream Concealers are creamy, blendable and long wearing. I picked up 2 samples and glad I did.  The #1 is far to light for me to use as a concealer.  I use is as a highlight and eyeshadow base instead.  I have not had any creasing and have used the Perfecting Powder to set my under eyes.  It is Vegan & Gluten Free.

The Oil Control Primer.  For starters, I believe I received the wrong product. This was suppose to be a powder, however I received a liquid (which I believe to be the Perfect Harmony HD Primer). Non the less, it does not change that this product, in my opinion is not working for me and my skin.  I have combo/oily t-zone skin, and this does nothing for me. If this is in fact the Perfect Harmony HD Primer, it says that it is not suitable for oil skin…so that would explain my dislike for it. ***I have contacted the company and they are shipping out the correct product. When I receive the correct product, I will do an update on this product. 

Silk Naturals
Silk Natural’s Oil Control Primer & Y’All Eye Shadow

UPDATE:  Silk Naturals was kind enough to send out the correct product within a few days and gave me a sample of another eyeshadow as a “we’re sorry” gift!

The Perfecting Powder is a HIT!  Before I started to change all my products to Natural, I was on the hunt for a great finishing powder that did not cost a lot.  This is amazing and I have read that it is a dupe for a few higher end setting powders.  It is smooth, light weight.  Leaves my skin looking natural and sets my under eyes without looking cakey or creasing.  I will be purchasing a full size once my sample gets used up!

Finial Thoughts

Overall a great product. A few MISS would be the packaging.  Plain and simply put their packaging is cheap. However, packaging isn’t what is important, its what’s inside that counts! As mentioned above, loose eyeshadows are not my thing and for that I probably will not repurchase those. A few HITS would be the colour pay off of the eyeshadows and lip products. Sample/trial sizes being available for most products. The wide range of colour choices for both the lip products and eyeshadows was impressive as well.

My total was less than most spend just looking through the window at Sephora!

Have you purchased anything from Silk Naturals? Let me know what your favourite products are and what I need to try next! 

Thanks Beauties,

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Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me. These are my own, personal, honest opinions. Not a sponsored review. Talsbeautyopinion is not a makeup artist, beauty or skincare specialist and will not be held liable for any recommendations. Therefore, try at your own risk.








15 thoughts on “Silk Naturals: Hit or Miss

  1. I’ve heard of Silk Naturals through an ex-blogger & I’ve been eyeing off some of their things for ages. Had no idea they had a eyeshadow kit for blue eyes! I’m with you on loose powders though – I’ve got some loose eyeshadows from Alima Pure & they’re a pain to use, plus I don’t own an eye primer & they wear off too quickly on my eyelids. Thanks for an informative review!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Shell! Thanks for stopping by my post. Your very welcome. I love that they have sample sizes of everything so you can try a bunch before committing to a large size. An eye shadow primer will for sure help with the wear of the loose powders! Tal xo


    1. Hi A Bella Adventure. Thanks for stopping by! I love that more natural companies are offering sample sizes. It’s such a huge help when trying to find the right products that work for you.


    1. Hi Kats! I love the Perfecting Powder too. I just ran out of the sample for it and the concealer, which I LOVE as well! Great products so far.


  2. Hi HealthandBeautyGirl! My pleasure. Let me know what you end up getting! I’m getting ready to repurchase a few items in full sizes from them.


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