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Current Handbag Lipstick Faves

Handbag Lipstick Favs

I normally keep the staples in my handbag, Lip Balm. Than every day I would put whichever lip product I was feeling for that day, into my bag.  It wasn’t until recently that I was emptying out my handbag to find something, that I realized how many lipsticks were actually in there!  I thought I would share the lipsticks I’ve been loving lately.

As you can probably tell, I’m drawn to nudes and neutral shades. I’ve been trying to branch out and wear more daring shades and have a few in my collection, which can be viewed here.

I’ve always been a fan of Blistex Lip products.  I’ve tried many different kinds of “lip chaps” and none have been able to keep my lips moisturized and not burnt in the summer months or chapped in the winter months. I buy the regular in bulk!  I got sucked into the NYX Liquid Suede when they first came out.  I’ve always heard so many great things about NYX glosses and products, that I wanted to try the liquid lip products to see what all the hype was about.  The ones I keep in my bag are: Tea & Cookies and Soft Spoken.  Both are neutral enough that they go with any of my outfits or makeup looks.  

IMG_2952 Burts Bees Lipstick is so moisturizing and the colour is so soft that I can put it on without a mirror.  I have the 501 Blush Basin. My Faerhaven Chocolate All Natural Lipbalm is Locally made, smells amazing and really does wonders for my lips. I just recently received the Silk Naturals lipstick and Gloss, but have been loving them!  The Kisser Slicker in Seedy has just enough colour, not sticky and is long wearing.  Rapturous Lipstick is a very smooth formula, long wearing and very pigmented.

I keep a red in my handbag all the times, just in case! You never know when the time will come that you need your favorite red to make a statement. My favorite red, at the moment is ELF Matte Lip Colour in Wine.  It is long wearing, does not bleed and does not dry out my lips.  

Tea & Cookies . Soft Spoken . Wine . Blush Basin . Seedy . Rapturous

While I may only have 6 lipsticks & 2 lip balms in my handbag, it’s still more than usual. I’ve been loving all 6 shades though, and so I couldn’t help sharing. I’m sure as the months go on, I will switch them out and add more to my collection.


How many lipsticks do you have in your handbag at the moment? Have you tried any of the above shades? If so, what do you think?

Thanks Beauties,

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Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me. These are my own, personal, honest opinions. Not a sponsored review. Talsbeautyopinion is not a makeup artist, beauty or skincare specialist and will not be held liable for any recommendations. Therefor, try at your own risk.



14 thoughts on “Current Handbag Lipstick Faves

  1. YES GIRL! That NYX suede lippie one of my faves too! Thanks for swatching those colors — I don’t have some of them and have been wondering what they look like on skin!

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  2. I’m afraid to look in my bag to see the number of lipsticks haha last time I cleaned out I’d 4 at my desk in work and over 10 in my bag haha lipstick addict! Really want to try the Nyx Liquid Suede after seeing them x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Beyoutyfulyou! Being a lipstick addict is not a bad thing 😉 What is your top lipstick that you find yourself reaching for the most?


  3. Hi Tal – I only ever have what I’m wearing and a spare in my handbag. I have to be ruthless because I have SO MUCH ELSE in there lol! Love this review hon – haven’t tried the NYX or Elf ones yet, but I’m made keen after seeing your fabulous swatches xxx

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    1. Hi Kats! Thanks for the kind words. I normally do only carry a few, but somehow more than a few have ended up in my bag! Oh well 🙂


  4. I’ve got a lip tint + some lip balm in my handbag, that’s about it. I’m curious to try the Burts Bees lipsticks – they’ve just been released here in the last few months. Got my eye on a few of the shades, but don’t really know what they’re like on the lips.

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    1. Hi Shell! The Burts Bees lipsticks, to me, feel like a balm. Very smooth. The store I bough mine at had testers, so I tested a few shades on my hand before deciding. Hopefully you can find a store that does that as well! Thanks for stopping by!


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