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Spring Cleaning: My Makeup Collection

Out with the old.  In with the new! Spring time marks the beginning of new life, warm fresh air and lighter coverage makeup (for me any ways!)

 I will walk you through my thought processes when cleaning out my beauty products and making way for new ones!
How much space do you actually have?
I have a vanity with 2 drawers and doors under the sink.  I have claimed the top drawer and the whole space under the sink!  We also have a tall cabinet with 3 shelves and about 24″ deep.  I have claimed 1 1/2 shelves of that unit.  My husband gets the rest 😉 and is used as “common area”.
I have clear plastic bins (purchased mine at Home Depot) to store and keep like things together.  It is easy to pull out a whole bin to get behind it rather than pull out 20 items to reach 1 thing. I also started out with not a lot of makeup.  I am very minimal and “waste not, want not” approach.
What do you really love?
If you’ve got a pretty big collection it can be a little overwhelming to try and tackle it all. I would suggest going be product (blushes, lip products, eyeshadows, etc.) and picking out your favourites from there. I’m not saying anything as extreme as one item per category (it totally depends on the size of your stash and how much room you have) but just your favourite products you find yourself reaching for all the time.  A good rule that I use when editing my wardrobe, if you have not used it in the last month, or two, out it goes! (Now, seasonal products are an exception and we will discuss this later on)
What do you ‘need for the blog’?
Not everyone will have to focus on this, but there are always a few products you need to keep hold of to reference in your blog posts. Whether it’s a dried-out or used up mascara, a foundation that didn’t work or empties. These need to be stored somewhere until you are ready to write and photograph at a later date. Put these a side and we will touch on this further down the post.
The old and/or expired pile
Time to get ride of the old, used up pile. Throw out anything that’s expired or looks/smells like it needs to go.  I do not follow the expiry dates to a tee. I’m generally very hygienic with washing brushes, not double-dipping into potted products and so on.  I do keep the dates in mind but I tend to go more off texture, look and smell. Any separated-out nail polishes, caked-up concealers and old mascaras are the first to go into the toss pile. As a general rule of thumb; powders last considerably longer than cream and liquid products.
When Does Makeup Expire?
The seasonal and special occasion pile
Do you switch products as the weather changes?  Lighter foundation for hotter months, vampy lip colours for Fall months?  If you can’t see yourself wearing it even when the time comes then get rid of it – if you still love it then it can go in the ‘keep’ pile. If you’re not quite sure then add it to your ‘last chance’ pile.
The stuff that’s just not you or “YouTube made me buy it”
Did you talk yourself into that green eyeshadow that your favourite beauty guru did a look with and thought you’d make work for you. Do you have foundation that’s completely the wrong colour?   These are the products that didn’t quite work for you and for whatever reason are still knocking about. Maybe they’re products you loved at the time but your tastes have changed. These products should all go in the ‘pass on’ pile.
The ‘last chance’ pile
These are the products that you bought and kind of forgot about, never gave a real chance or maybe they’re even still sat unopened! They’re the products that have potential and now it’s time to put them to the test (which we’ll come to later). I’ve rediscovered so many products that have gained a new lease of life through this method.
Get swatching
It’s time to go back to your maybe piles with those ‘last chance’ and ‘occasion’ products and get swatching. See if any of the products are similar to each other or to products that are in your definite ‘keep’ pile. If they are then ask yourself if you really need both! Anything you have duplicates of – pick your favourite and leave the other in the ‘things to pass on’ pile.
Get rid
Now it’s time to start getting rid of stuff!
If you have unused and unopened products then you can donate them to women’s charities. Check your location for the best places to donate your products too.
Pass things on to friends and family is a great way to clean out your pile as well!
The old and expired products of course need to just go in the bin – along with anything else that’s not really worth giving away to anyone.
Use it up
I haven’t really covered off skincare and body care products in this post but this can apply equally to them as it can to makeup. Even if you like all of them; you probably don’t need 3 liquid concealers on the go at the same time that you use in the same way and have a similar finish! Put one of them (with the least left in it) into your everyday makeup rotation until it’s used up and then replace it with the next to be finished and continue. This will cut down on space taken up with half-used products.
There you have it: my process and advice for cleaning out and streamlining your makeup collection!
Will you be having a Beauty Spring Clean? What are your top tips?
Thanks Beauties,Blog sign off


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Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me. These are my own, personal, honest opinions. Not a sponsored review. Talsbeautyopinion is not a makeup artist, beauty or skincare specialist and will not be held liable for any recommendations. Therefore, try at your own risk.


23 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: My Makeup Collection

    1. Hi Beyoutyfulyou! Thanks for the kind words! It’s amazing what we collect and forget about until we “have” to go through it! Where did you move to? Tal xo

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Loved your post – I am guilty of impulse buying A LOT of makeup and I am definitely easily influenced by my fave YouTubers so it is time I start using it before they reach their expiry. My friends and family definitely love it when it’s beauty clean out time hehe x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Marisa! Thanks for stopping by my post. Makeup is just so pretty and interesting. I blame it on marketing and the packaging! Packaging gets me every time. At least it’s not going to waste if your friends and family get to shop your stash!


  2. Ahh makeup decluttering. Last time I did mine I found so much stuff in colours that I forgot I had or products that were brand new. I ended up giving a full face of makeup to both my mum and sister, plus I was left with a ton of different things. Having a process like yours is a great idea.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jackie! Thanks for stopping by my post. Wow that’s a lot of makeup! I’d love to see your collection. Your mom and sister made out ok that day thought! Thanks for your kind words ❤


  3. This is such an inspiring post!!! Definitely need to get on the train and start spring cleaning my makeup collection too 🙂 Also great tip with the expiry dates, there are a few items I’ve purchased that I’ve yet to try and need to get on ASAP… oops 🙂

    xx Nisa

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Nisa! Thanks for stopping by my post. I know, I use to stock up when there was sales and than it would expire before I could get to it 😦 So disappointing and a waste. Thanks again! xo


  4. I love this post! This year, I’ve put myself on a strict low-buy. Just the one foundation (and I haven’t bought it yet). Six eyeshadow products – whether single or palettes – may seem like a high limit but I’ve bought only two so far! Here’s hoping I stick to my resolutions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Renu! Thanks for stopping by my post. I agree and have put myself on a low-buy as well. Especially when I started to change over to Natural Beauty Products. You’re doing great so far! x0


  5. I’m feeling so inspired Tal! Just cleaned up my blogging headquarters, so now it’s time for the makeup stash. Thanks for posting the expiry dates – so good to know, and I reckon I won’t have much left at the end of my cleanup lol xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’ve been doing a gradual and ongoing declutter of my old makeup and skincare products. That way I only throw out a couple of items at a time and feel better about it than throwing away a whole heap and thinking of all that wasted money!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ingrid! That’s a good technique too! I wouldn’t want to know how much money is “wasted” on expired or stuff I didn’t like!


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