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Live Clean: Head to Toe

As my regular products run out I am replacing them with Greener, Healthier and Natural products.  I had remembered seeing the Live Clean brand at my local drug stores and passing it by once or twice.  It was new on the shelf and at the time I was not aware or educated on Natural products so the price was not justified to me at the time.  Since than, I have fallen in love with their products and try to stock up or purchase when there is a sale, which is mostly every week at one of the few places that carry it in my city!


I use to use Dove Body wash.  I had been since grade school. My skin is sensitive and would react to regular soap.  When I was doing my research for Natural, Green and Cruelty Free products, Dove, unfortunately did not make the cut. So I went on the search for a brand that could check off at least one of those categories.

My first purchase was the Coconut Milk selection for Live Clean.  Check out my first impression on the body wash here.  It has a nice light scent of Coconut, which I love!  It is very moisturising and it left my skin feeling hydrated and smooth, while still being clean. I just recently finished this body wash and have since repurchased a different fragrance.

I am still working on the first Liquid Hand Soap that I purchased, which was the Coconut Milk. Although there is the same amount of product in both the hand soap and the body wash, I still use antibacterial on occasion when I feel the need to get the germs off. Love this one for the same reasons as the body wash!

L5544960Like mentioned above, I repurchased the body wash but in a different fragrance.  This time I got the new one that just came out (or maybe new to my store that I buy it from).  As much as I love Coconut, I have always loved Vanilla!  It brings me back to my childhood, is attached to so many great memories and is one fragrance that I could live with forever.  It is fragrant, great on the skin and since I am experiencing more drier skin this time of year (Due to sunscreen. It always dries out my skin) it is soothing and replenishes my moisture and leaves a nice light scent behind.






I finally ran out of my shampoo and conditioner!  I was using Tresemme and had bought a “club size” bottle of each the last time I was out.  I only wash my hair 2 maybe 3 times a week.  So it was slow going trying to get through it!


I looked at a few different collections before settling on these ones.  I’m sure I will try a different one the next time around!  I grabbed the Exotic Silk – Keratin Oil Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner.  Although my hair is naturally straight and fine, when I was in high school, I got a perm 😦 I know, I know.  What was I thinking?!?!  Well I’ll tell you what I was thinking.  I was thinking I wanted body, curls and movement in my limp, fine, lifeless hair!  None the less,  My hair has since recovered from that horrible mistake.  But, as I get older, my hair has began to change and the weather plays mean tricks on it too.  On occasion, I will give my hair some body with a few beach waves, but on the day to day, its super straight!  The less I have to use the flat iron the better for my hair.  Live Clean claims that this will “restore smoothness, straightens, and deeply hydrates hair by sealing split ends with an exclusive blend of Phyto-Keratin Protein, Brazilian Buriti Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and Wild Flower Honey”.  Overall, I think its working!  Love the smell too.

Being a home grown Canadian Girl, I love that this is a Canadian Brand!  I also love that it is so accessible to everyone.  Drugstores, grocery stores, and websites all carry it now!  One of my favourite websites to shop for Live Clean products is  If you live in Canada you should definitely check this website out!

Have you tried Live Clean’s products?  What are your favourite ones and ones that I need to try next? 

Thanks Beauties,

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Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me. These are my own, personal, honest opinions. Not a sponsored review. Talsbeautyopinion is not a makeup artist, beauty or skincare specialist and will not be held liable for any recommendations. Therefore, try at your own risk.



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    1. Thanks Kats! We are very lucky to have such a great company that keeps growing! Australia has some amazing products as well! I live through your posts 🙂


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