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My Top 7 Go To Summer Nail Polishes

There’s nothing like a fresh mani – pedi to put a spring in your step!  I use to be addicted to painting my nails.  No joke! My husband was ready for an intervention at one point (once he saw my nail polish stash and where I was hiding it all 🙂 ) It was nothing for me to change out my polish 2 -3 times a week.  I have complied my Top 7 Go To Summer Nail Polishes.  Hopefully you will find a new favourite, because these are ones that I reach for over and over without fail!

Top 7 Go To Summer Nail Polishes

Now I know what you might be thinking. If you have followed and read my blog for a while, than you know that I am making the switch to all Natural, Green, Organic and Cruelty-Free Beauty Products.  I know, I know.  Slap my hand!  I have yet to make the switch with my nail polish…but I am working on it.  Baby steps 🙂

Let’s start with my favourite brand. The brand that I keep coming back to no matter where I stray…

Top 7 Go To Summer Nail Polish - Sally Hansen
#231 Red My Lips . #595 Ripple In Time . #161 Shell We Dance?

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure


This is a miracle in a bottle! It has 7 benefits in 1 bottle.  It has base coat, growth treatment, nail colour, top coat & gel-shine finish. It claims to be chip-resistance for up to 10 days (depending on the colour and my 10 days, I’d say this is true).  As well as a nail strengthener that is said to make nails 64% stronger.

I have 5 of these in my collection (the others are dark blue and dark purple – fall colours).

#231 Red My Lips:  This is MY perfect red! I mostly wear it on my toes. There’s nothing like a classic red pedi to polish off an open toe shoe! Am I right?

I do love doing a mani with it as well, but always use a separate base coat as it stains my nails.

#595 Ripple In Time: The newest addition to my collection. I saw so many mani’s popping up on my news feed with this colour this summer, that I caved and picked one up when it was on sale. It is a gorgeous teal colour that just screams SUMMER FUN!

#161 Shell We Dance?: This is my second bottle.  It is a nice light pink colour that is build-able, which I love. It is an easy colour to apply,  goes with any outfit and wears the longest (on me anyways).

*Sally Hansen is Cruelty-Free and never tests or uses third parties that do 

Top 7 Go To Summer Nail Polishes - Julep
Carolyn & Madison


Julep:  I use to get the subscription box every month from them.  I ended up with a lot of nail polishes that I either didn’t like or just weren’t me.  Since cancelling the box, Julep has reformulated and kept on tricking, making new and better products!

What has stayed the same is that Julep is 5 – Free and Vegan friendly nail polish. The polishes do not have formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP, camphor, and animal ingredients or byproducts. 

I recently did a purge of my nail polish collection and gave or tossed a lot of nail polishes away.  These two made the cut and have still to this day been favourites that I grab.

Carolyn: Is a nice Coral / Melon Creme polish. Great for the Spring / Summer Months.

Madison: Packs a punch! Hot Pink, beautiful colour and one that I grab when I need a girly boost 🙂

*Julep is Cruelty- Free

Top 7 Go To Summer Nail Polishes - Essie

Essie: I was introduced to them from a YouTuber forever ago! I love their top coats, base coats and quick dry drops ( not pictured).  I have many of their polishes and although I do not feel that they last the longest out of my favourites, they do offer great colours and are normally on sale at a great price.

Watermelon: Is a creamy red with a bit of pink.  It needs 2 coats to appreciate the colour.  It does not have: DBP, Toluene and  is Formaldehyde free. 

*I was not able to find on Essie’s website anywhere whether or not they test on animals. 

Top 7 Go To Summer Nail Polishes - OPI
DS026 Extravagance

OPI: A salon favourite. Known worldwide and leaders in nail polish.  I love OPI for its long wear time and colours offered.

DS026 Extravagance: This is a Designer Series colour.  It took me FOREVER to locate this colour in my city.  I had to go to a beauty supply store, meant only for professionals, bring my sister-in-law (she is a hairstylist) and look through 100’s of polishes to find this!  I don’t remember exactly where and when I saw this colour, but when I saw it I became obsessed with it and had to have it!

It is a gorgeous magenta colour with shimmer.  It lasts forever on my nails and when I’m in the mood to paint my nails but can’t decide, I always grab this one and it never fails. Whenever I wear it I get so many compliments and questions about it.  Love it!

*I was not able to find on OPI’s official website that they were Cruelty -Free. I did find a blog post stating that they are. 

Top 7 Go To Summer Nail Polishes - Accessories and Tools
Accessories and Tools

Nail Tek:  I have thin, weak, brittle nails. I can not grow them past my finger tips without them breaking or splitting.  This is one of the reasons that I use to wear nail polish all the time.  It protected them and hardened them.  I “out grew” that faze and had to find a solution that would actually work.  I tired many products on the market that claimed to harder and strengthen your nails but nothing worked. Until this miracle in a bottle!

Another “YouTube made me buy it”! This has been a game changer for me. I use the Intensive Therapy for soft peeling nails. As directed I apply it every other day which helps to seal the layers of the nail together.  This is said to reinforce and thicken the nails while providing strength and flexibility. It works! It is my holy grail of nail care.  It is DBP and Toluene FREE. 

*I was unable to find on Nail Tek’s official website stating if they are Cruelty-Free

Deep Sea Cosmetics:  I have had these for a while (about 6 years to be exact!) My husband, than boyfriend, purchased a nail kit at one of those kiosk’s at the mall for my birthday.  It had the cuticle oil, nail file, buffer, hand cream and cuticle pusher-upper! I use the cuticle pusher all the time and just recently, in my clean out of my cabinet, found the oil again.

This one is similar to what I had.

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme : I purchased this with a gift set a few years back. I used it on and off but recently started using it more.  I love the smell of it and it is very effective for moisturising my cuticles and hands.

Foam Toe Separators: Purchased at the dollar store! No pedi is complete without a set of these 🙂


Although Summer is starting to wind down where I live in Canada (the humidity sure is holding on!) these are my Top 7 Go To Summer Nail Polishes.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t like a pop of colour in the winter 😉

*I found all the “Cruelty-Free/ Vegan” information off of the companies official websites. I have read blogs and websites that state other wise.  You as a consumer should do your research and decide for yourself.  

What are some of your favourite nail polishes to wear in the summer? Have you tried any of my favourites? 

Thanks Beauties,

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Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me, with the exception of the Deep Sea products, which were a gift.  These are my own, personal, honest opinions. Not a sponsored review. Talsbeautyopinion is not a makeup artist, beauty or skincare specialist and will not be held liable for any recommendations. Therefore, try at your own risk.




18 thoughts on “My Top 7 Go To Summer Nail Polishes

    1. Hi Ingrid! I know what you mean with the damaged nails after shellac/gell polish. I did it for a few years and my nails took forever to heal. Good luck! Tal xo


  1. A great palette of polishes you have there! Julep ‘Carolyn’ looks gorgeous and would be perfect moving into Spring (here in Australia)! I love Smith&Cult Nail polishes – the shades are so on trend but I love the names of them too – so unique x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Marisa! Thanks for stopping by. I haven’t heard of Smith&Cult before. Is it an Australia only brand? Cruelty-Free? Tal xo


      1. Hi Tal, S&C is an American brand (but there are Australian stockists) and it’s 5-Free formula and cruelty free 🙂 x


  2. I’m too time poor to paint my finger nails Tal, but my toes get the treatment as soon as the weather warms up a tad. The Essie Watermelon has caught my eye, along with those pretty Julep polishes, and the Sally Hansen Red My Lips is on my list for sure xxx


    1. Thanks! I’m a sucker for Sally Hansen colours! They are great priced, easily accessible and have a never ending colour range! Tal xo


  3. My first cruelty free step was nail polish (I have a massiveeee collection but I didn’t find it too hard. OPI and Essie were actually really easy to give up as I have lots of china glaze, zoya and indie polishes. Indies are amazing – you MUST try them 🙂 I have done heaps of research on the CF polish area so let me know if you need any help 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Alintamcmurdo! Thanks for stopping by. What are some of your favourite Indie brands? I’d love to try out some new brands 😉 Thanks for your help! Tal xo


    1. Ha! Amy you’re funny! I have been in a rut the last little while myself. Last year you couldn’t catch me without my toes painted….this year, maybe a hand full of times. Having a new little one that bites at your toes makes you rethink painting them 😉 Tal xo


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