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My Top 5 Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands: Part 2

Welcome back Beauties and hello to any one new to my blog. Thank you for letting me be apart of your day.  As I mentioned, this is Part 2. If you didn’t catch Part 1, click here and I’ll wait for you to catch up!

I’m partnering back up with my fellow Beauty Blogger, Health and Beauty Girl! Loved collaborating on the first one, so we thought we would bring you a second 🙂

My Top 5 Cruetly-Free Beauty Brands

All the Brands and products that I mentioned in the first post should be in this list as well, however, I didn’t want to be repetitive and boring! So keep that in mind as you read through this post, that the ones listed in the first blog are LOVES as well!


E.L.F: Partners with PETA and do not test on animals

They were the first brand that I started with when I got back into makeup.  They are inexpensive, they have great (although hit and miss sometimes) products and are consistently growing and expanding every week. ELF ships worldwide and can be found at local stores around my city. Their “vision is to empower and educate women to play in innovation without sacrificing their budget”. I have a set of their brushes, and love them! You can check out my favourite ones here.

Products shown: Mad for Matte Eyeshadow Palette and Lip Exfoliator. Both are used weekly/daily and are on their best sellers list!


Dr. Bronner’s: Leaping Bunny Approved

I purchased their Baby Unscented Pure-Castile Liquid Soap – 16 oz. at my local grocery store.  I have heard so many great things about it and with so many uses, both body care and home care, it was a bargain! It has no fragrance and is great for sensitive skin making it great for babies and animals. Most of their products are Certified Vegan, with their lip products and body products being the exception (they use organic beeswax).

I have been using it for: washing my brushes, body wash, shaving and washed the dogs blankets. I am experimenting with a few other uses.  Dr. Bronner’s has a great cheat sheet linked on their page.  Take a look here!


Nature’s Aid: Not tested on Animals

This might have been the first Natural product I bought before going Green!  I was battling a bad case of acne (in my opinion) on my chin and nothing was seeming to get rid of it. (Back story: I found out that I was Gluten Intolerant and since going Gluten Free, it has made a world of difference for my body and skin).  A friend of mine that was big into Natural products directed me to a Health store that recommended trying this product.  I fell in love!

This multi-purpose product is a life saver in so many ways! It’s made with the highest quality and natural ingredients. Aloe Vera, Tea Tree oil, Vitamin E, Witch Hazel and Rosemary are all star players in this gel. I picked up a little brochure that had front and back filled with uses.  It is a super hero gel!  Below are links to Nature’s Aid website that list the product uses. Check them out!

Product Uses

Skin Care  First Aid  Beauty  Men’s skin care  Baby care  Hair care

They also have Pet products, lip balm, muscle balm and shampoo/conditioner.


Burt’s Bees: Leaping Bunny Approved

When I actually think about it, Burt’s Bees has always been apart of my live, even before going Green and Natural.  From their standard, tried and true lip balms, to there holiday gift packages, I have been loving them.  Easily accessible, found at my local drug store and grocery stores they are never too far away or forgotten.

Burt’s Bees “take every step to keep our products fresh” and their “products are 99% natural; over half are 100% natural”.  They do use some preservatives which make those products not 100% Natural. They do however, chose those preservatives with the utmost care and only use the best and closet to natural as they can get.

Products shown: Lipstick, Cleansing oil (sample), and Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme


Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque: Leaping Bunny Approved

I was told about this the mask from a few YouTube beauties and some research on my own. I LOVE this mask and it is so inexpensive 🙂 I purchase mine at a local beauty supply store.  I have had it for about 8 months and have barely made it through half the jar. Money well spent to me 🙂  I use it 1- 2 times a week.  Normally a full face one day and just my oily T-zone a few days later.  It is not irritating on my skin, smells minty fresh and leaves my skin matte and refreshed. It is great as a spot treatment as well!


Well there you have it Beauties!  My Top 5 Cruelty Free Beauty Brands!

I’d like to thank my collaboration partner, Health and Beauty Girl!  Thanks for collabing with me again! Make sure you head over to her post to see what her favourite brands are.  Don’t forget to tell her “Hi” for me 🙂

Have you used any of these products?  Where any of them new to you? 

Thanks Beauties,

Blog sign off


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Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me. These are my own, personal, honest opinions. Not a sponsored review. Talsbeautyopinion is not a makeup artist, beauty or skincare specialist and will not be held liable for any recommendations. Therefore, try at your own risk.

27 thoughts on “My Top 5 Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands: Part 2

    1. Hi Alintamcmurdo! I completely agree! I have many Aussie blogger friends and I’m always ogling what is offered there compared to here! Thanks for stopping by. Tal xo


    1. Hi Beth! The Mint Julep Masque is one of my favs for sure. I get mine at Sally Beauty Supply. I’m sure you can find it on Amazon as well! Tal xo


  1. These posts are so, so helpful! I’m vegan and always looking looking for more vegan and/or cruelty-free brands, so I love your suggestions!

    Will definitely be checking these out!

    xx emily

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Emily! That’s great to hear. I’m glad you found some new brands/products to try out! I love these kind of posts too because I always find a new brand to try 🙂 Tal xo


  2. Dr Bronners is my most favorite LIFE HACK period, I use this for my clothes, my kids my dog, we love the lavender and peppermint soap. I had not idea that ELF Makeup were members of PETA.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Tatataylor! Thanks for stopping by my post. I haven’t tired the other “flavours” of the Dr.Bronners yet, but I have heard the same as you say about the Lavender and Peppermint soaps. Tal xo


    2. Tata, I just went back to ELF’s site and they are “partners with PETA”. They do not state on their website that they are “members”. I found that on another site. I have changed the wording to fit according to ELF’s official website statement.
      Thanks for bringing this to my attention, even though you didn’t directly call it out 🙂 Tal xo


    1. Hi Alex! Thanks for stopping by. I have heard great things about Juice Beauty, but haven’t tired them out yet. I will ckeck them out! Tal xo


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