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MakeUp Eraser-Hit or Miss? | First Impression

I contacted Kristi Kozikowski, a Makeup Eraser Consultant through a Facebook Group thread. She was offering the chance to test drive the product.  I had seen Tati from Glamlifeguru test it out and thought it looked pretty interesting and I was intrigued as to how just this cloth could take off your makeup with just water.  Their claims state that it will even take off waterproof mascara!  

MakeUp Eraser

I received the package 3 weeks from ordering.  Not bad since it was coming from the states and I am in Canada.  MakeUp Eraser ships internationally and come in 6 different colours, Pink, Black, White, Purple, Blue and Red.  I love pink, so of course I ordered that colour.  In hindsight, I should have ordered the white so that I could have shown the magic happen better!

MakeUp Eraser
Back of the Package
MakeUp Eraser
Side of the Package

The packaging is minimal, which I like.  It gets the job done, houses the product without wasted packaging and has all the information that you need right on it!  The MakeUp Eraser was folded nicely within the packaging and included a card with the instructions on it (same as the side panel).


The material is soft to the touch and is 100% Polyester.  It is machine washable, which is convenient and handy, because who has time to hand wash these days?!  It is also good up to 1000 washes! So that’s good.  I think I could get 3 days out of it (I do not wear a full face of makeup, so I might be able to get a full week!) so this baby will last me a while 🙂

MakeUp Eraser
Folded out with a highlighter for size comparison

It is a fairly decent size and well constructed.  It has 2 sides with different lengths of material.  Short (this side shown) is for taking off your makeup, while the other side (shown in the top picture with the label) is longer and is meant for exfoliating.

I hand washed mine with Dr. Bronner’s Soap as I did not want to wait for a full load before trying it!

I let it dry overnight and then used it. I followed the directions to the T, drenching the cloth at the top and than went to town on taking off my makeup.

MakeUp Eraser
Day One: Pacifica Mascara

Like most days, I wear my FitGlow Foundation and Pacifica Mascara.  They are super easy to take off with no left overs being left on my skin.   I was really surprised when I finally looked at the cloth.  It actually just took off my mascara!   As you can see, you can not see my foundation….so I used a cotton round and Garnier Micellar Water to play detective and see what we found.

MakeUp Eraser
Cotton Round to see if it worked

From this picture, you can see (I hope you can see because it was hard to capture) there is a bit of leftover foundation. Or it could just be oil from my face….either way, the cotton round did not show any black from my mascara! So bonus points 🙂

Being as how this is a first impressions, I have not had the chance to test drive my Root Pretty Mascara, which tends to hold on a little more and I also have another Mascara on route as I type this, that is said to be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! (Post to come on that baby in the near future 🙂 )

The MakeUp Eraser is Cruelty-Free,  and there is no harmful chemicals on or in the product.  All you need is the cloth and warm water and watch the magic happen!

Overall Thoughts:

I like it.  Do I love it and will it be replacing my everyday makeup wipes?  Possibly. It is too soon to tell. I guess the deciding factor will be if it will take off the mascara that I can not wait to test out.  It is said to be extremely waterproof and to use an oil based remover….so we shall see 🙂


I would like to thank  Kristi Kozikowski for reaching out and allowing me to review this product.  If you would like to give this a go, please head on over to her website and check out all the other great things that she has to offer. 

The MakeUp Eraser retails for $19.97 (US) and is offered in mini versions as well.  They ship internationally. 


So Beauties, what do you think?  Is this something that you could see replace your makeup wipes or micellar water?  

Thanks Beauties,

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*PR Samples. This product was sent to Talsbeautyopinion for consideration and product testing/reviewing and did not receive payment for review.  As always, this does not and will not alter my honest opinion on a product. Talsbeautyopinion is not a makeup artist, beauty or skincare specialist and will not be held liable for any recommendations. Therefore, try at your own risk.
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17 thoughts on “MakeUp Eraser-Hit or Miss? | First Impression

    1. There are no chemicals in this cloth! I asked a few more questions and here was the answer:

      The reason it can remove mascara, etc. with only warm water is due to the weave of the fabric. A wash cloth is a looped fiber. Makeup Eraser fibers stand straight up and act as a wicking effect. There are no chemicals in the cloth or needed when removing makeup.

      Hope that answers your questions 😀


    1. Hi Amy! I’ve been told that there is nothing added to the material. No chemicals….I’m still trying to figure out the magic myself! Tal xo


    2. Hi Heather – the magic is in the weave of the cloth. The fibers are not looped like a regular washcloth. There are no chemicals in the cloth and no chemicals are needed. Only Warm Water. It is super soft, gentle and feels wonderful on the skin. After removing makeup you would go on to use your regular cleansing and moisturizing routine. Until the end of September I have free shipping when ordering from my website.

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  1. Your reviews are seriously the best. I’ve been wondering about this cloth since the Maskacara blogger reviewed it like 2 years ago but it’s always hard to tell when someone’s being honest if they’ve been paid for the post 😦 Thank you!


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