Empties #3! Aug – Nov 2016

Well a few more months have past and my empties bag was overflowing!  Here is what I managed to finish in the last 3 months.  If you missed Empties #1 & #2 check them out and I’ll wait for you to catch up!

Empties #3!

Short and sweet and to the point!  I have done reviews on all of these products and will link to them.  All items I bought myself with the exception of one item with was a PR sample.

Empties #3!

Dove Dry Shampoo:  Love this stuff! If I’m not careful it goes leave my hair white, but it cleans like a dream, gives my hair lift and smells great too!

Repurchase: Yes

Life Brand 3 in 1 cleansing cloths: I use cleansing clothes for more than just removing my makeup, although that is the number 1 use!  I use them after I exercise or a quick fresh up on a Sunday when I’m lazy.  I have not found Natural ones that are similar in price.

Repurchase: Yes

Cotton Pads:  I use ones for the dollar store.  They are cheap and accessible. I go through so many that spending any more than a few dollars is out of the question.

Repurchase: Yes

Empties #3!

Garnier Micellar Water: This is my second bottle I believe. I have tried others, but for the price and size of this, it is a better deal and I do get quite a few months out of it!  I have yet to try their waterproof one and they have a new one out now too!

Repurchase: Yes

SeaFlora: Sea Foam Cleansing Concentrate: Lavender & Chamomile (PR Sample), Potent Seaweed Serum, Sea Foam Cleansing Concentrate: Regular: If you have not figured it out by now, I LOVE this product and company!  (If you are new to my blog, Hi! I love SeaFlora and please check out my post on them here)     I will have to place a large order soon.  I am almost out of a few things that I need to have at all times 🙂

Repurchase: YES!

Empties #3

Live Clean: Keratin Oil Shampoo & Conditioner: I picked this up after falling in love with their soap and body wash.  I enjoyed this shampoo and conditioner.  It left my hair soft and helped with any fly aways that I have.  It lasted quite awhile as well, since I only wash  my hair twice a week and cut it short 🙂

Repurchase: Yes and I am moving on to their other collections 🙂

Empties #3

Live Clean: Coconut Milk Body Wash, Vanilla Oatmeal Body Wash & Coconut Milk Hand Soap: I did a full review on these items that I linked in the subtitle.  Still love them, still use them.

Repurchase: Yes!


That’s it in a nutshell this time Beauties!  Short and sweet 🙂

What have you finished off lately?  Any of my empties you have used?

Thanks Beauties,

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Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me unless otherwise stated. These are my own, personal, honest opinions. Not a sponsored review. Talsbeautyopinion is not a makeup artist, beauty or skincare specialist and will not be held liable for any recommendations. Therefore, try at your own risk.

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11 thoughts on “Empties #3! Aug – Nov 2016

  1. I pick the cheapest poss. cotton pads as well, because I go through them at an alarming rate. Of late, I’ve been loving Bella cotton pads.


  2. I love the Garnier Micellar Water, I think I have been through a few bottles myself 🙂 But I am loving the sounds of the Live Clean products, I will definitely have to pick some up and try them for myself! x (@marisarobinson.mua)


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