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Essie Gel Couture Polish | Review

I use to be a nail polish addict…there I said it! 🙂 Whew…feels good to admit that out loud LOL.  I am hard on my nails. They are weak and thin.  Holding onto a nail colour for more than a day was unheard of, unless I wanted to get a salon gel manicure. Enter: Essie Gel Couture Collection!

Essie Gel Couture Polish Review
First Application – Turn N’ Pose

I’ve always been a fan of Essie for their amazing shade range and price point.  But it never lasted as long on my nails as other brands had.

Being as how last year I started to make the switch to Natural, Green products; I still did a happy dance when I heard/read/seen that these were coming out!

Essie’s 2 step process is as easy as 1,2…maybe 3!  A base coat is not needed, however I still used one.  I applied 2 coats of the colour, let dry and than applied the topcoat and BOOM about 10 days later my polish was still looking presentable 🙂

I picked up the Turn N’ Pose shade.  I am always drawn to dark vampy nail colours!  In LOVE!

First things first. The new bottle design is cute and inventive. But the brush! YES Essie YES! The brush is my favourite.  Not to mention the swire to the neck of the brush is cute too and a nice touch.

The formula is streak free and applies nice. The product dries fast which makes it nice when you have to wait to apply a top coat. The top coat creates a nice shine to the nail while protecting the finish.  Make sure to cap the edge of your nail!  I found that was the secret to the long-wear of this polish.

The colour range, like the “normal” Essie Polishes is out of this world! Great job Essie on making 42 colour options.  Like we don’t have enough choices to make in our everyday lives, now we have to decide which polish to paint our nails and have on there for up to 14 days 😉

Essie Gel Couture Polish Review
After 10 days of wear

I painted my nails a few days before I left for the Holidays.  Although I was not as hard on my nails as normal, being as though I took a well deserved break for the holidays and didn’t really move much! The polish held up very well.  The above picture is when I returned home. At this point the polish had been on my nails for 10 days.  A little edge wear and I broke a nail (index finger) which I filed while on Holidays.  The polish didn’t move when I filed it!  I was kissing my manicure good bye when it happened but nope the polish took it like a champ and kept on going!

Overall, this is a WIN! It does not damage my nails like a gel polish would, I do not have to make an appointment, I can paint my nails on my time, wear what I want and save money doing it!


Have you tried it yet Beauties?! I would love to hear your thoughts on which colours are your favourite 🙂 

Thanks Beauties,

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    1. Hi Di! Isn’t the bottle cool? It’s so unique and although the bottles do not line up perfectly, they still fit nicely together not wasting too much space!


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