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Live Clean Fresh Face Skin Care | Natural Skin Care Review

My love for Live Clean is well known 🙂 I have fallen hard for their lotions, potions and creams.  So when I opened the box that Live Clean sent me late last year and saw skin care in the box, I was jumping for joy!

Live Clean Fresh Face Skin Care | Natural Skin Care Review

I had been looking for a new skin care line that would help me save some money but not compromise on quality or performance.  Live Clean, as usual, lived up to my high expectations.

I was happy to receive Facial Wipes, Daily Cleanser and the Daily Moisturizer.

Their Fresh Face Skin Care line has many pieces to the collection and I have seen it a many Canadian stores on my travels.  So, very accessable 🙂

Live Clean describes their skin care line as: “a luxurious and prestige collection of eco-friendly skin care promising exceptional performance with natural plant based ingredients and pure essential oils”.

They use an active system that contains “Botanical Orchid-C Complex™ featuring Orchid – the eternal youth flower, Vitamin C and Certified Organic Botanicals”.

Daily Cleanser:  This is a foaming cleanser.  I have not liked foaming cleansers in the past as I always found that you had to use more product to get a good lather.  Live clean, in my opinion, has mastered this.  Two pumps and it turns into a rich, smooth cleanser that not only covers my face, but feels fresh and leaves my skin feeling clean and soft.  I did not experience any tightness or irritation while using this cleanser.  Which, for my sensitive skin, is a win!

Daily Moisturizer: They give you A LOT in this one bottle. It is rich and creamy. Soaks into my skin nicely and does not leave my skin greasy or oily.  I am still able to apply my foundation over it and it not interfere with the look or application.

As I was breaking down the box, I noticed a little note on the top flap: Look inside it read. So I opened the whole box and laid it out to find this hidden gem 🙂

Live Clean Fresh Face Skin Care | Natural Skin Care Review

Live Clean, you amaze me!   They took advantage of an otherwise unused space and turned it into a place to educate and spread knowledge.  And why not?!

Facial Wipes: I was most excited to test these out since I have been looking for wipes to replace my everyday ones now.  These wipes are not as wet as the ones I’m use to using, however, they still got the job done.  They took off my mascara and foundation like a dream without having to rub my face raw.  They were not drying on my skin and left it feeling fresh.  For the first little while, I was following up with Micellar Water and a cotton round as the test, and these wipes past!  (Just a note:  I do not wear heavy foundation, so one wipe did the trick for me and took it off.  Results may vary).


Overall, this is a win in my books!  The price, selection and performance of these products are a no – brainer.  If you are looking to make the switch with your skin care this year, stop by your location drugstore and pick these up!  They also have a travel size kit so that you can test them out 🙂


Have you tried these products from Live Clean?  Are you looking at making the switch and are thinking of testing these out?! I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂  

Thanks Beauties,

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    1. Hi Kats! I contacted the company and unfortunately, they are not at this time coming to Australia, but they did just launch in the USA! So it’s getting closer 🙂


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