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REFRESHING COCONUT MICELLAR WATER | Root Pretty – Natural, Green Beauty

It seems like the “it” word for 2016 was “Micellar Water”.  Every company came out with their own version and those that did not, are scrambling to launch theirs in the first quarter of 2017. Root Pretty launched their Natural, Green version, Refreshing Coconut Micellar Water and oh my!

REFRESHING COCONUT MICELLAR WATER | Root Pretty - Naturall, Green Beauty

My last and most current purchase from Root Pretty, I picked up a sample of the micellar water.  Just one of the many things I love about Root is that they offer samples in almost everything they sell!

I was a bit concerned when I saw that both Coconut was in it, as I have tried just straight up Coconut Oil to remove my makeup and it breaks me out. But, I gave it a go because Root has not let me down yet.

I have had irritation with my eyes in the past with micellar waters, so again I was cautious around those areas but wanted to put it to the true test and see if it would indeed remove my mascara because after all, I was wearing Root Pretty 100% Mascara 😉

To much surprise, and really I shouldn’t be surprised because Root Pretty products are amazing! It removed my mascara and foundation without irritation to my eyes.  It left my skin feeling refreshed, feeling clean and soft and not sticky or oily.

The sample lasted a week, using only at night to remove my makeup.

Comparing it with the micellar water that I use now in size/cost, it is pricey.  The micellar water that I have been using is larger and less expensive, however, the ingredients, of course are nothing compared to Root’s Micellar Water.

If you are looking to make a switch to Natural, Green Beauty and are still stuck on makeup remover, give Root’s a go! I’m sure you will love it 🙂

If you are looking at giving this a go, or any of Root Pretty products, please use my code to receive 10% off your first purchase*! 


Have you made the switch with your Micellar Water yet?  Found a good one that you think I might like? Let me know in the comments! 

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