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Hits, Misses & Just Plain No’s

The beauty blogger community has turned soft. ….I know, I said it. When I started my blog I promised my followers the honest truth – good or bad.

When companies send you products to try, you want to love them all but it can’t always be this way. We are all different. Our bodies and tastes are different, how we react to different scents and products are all different. And that’s what makes having beauty bloggers from all over test drive your products is all about.

A negative review is never a good thing, so let’s call it constructive criticism 😀 So here we go….Hit’s, Misses & Just Plain No.

Hits, Misses & Just Plain No's

I did a little Spring cleaning the other day and came across some products that I had been hording and not using for one reason or another.  Decided it was time to get rid of the stuff that does not serve me to make room for stuff that does 🙂

Hits, Misses & Just Plain No's


Faerhaven Lip Balm – Chocolate:  Loved this lip balm.  All natural, locally made.  It smelt like chocolate and had a hint of it when applied as well.


*The Innate Life – Hair Oil:  I was sent this sample and I do not like it.  It is a good hair oil, however the smell throws me off.  It smells like the forest and old man musk!  I love the forest, but I’m good with it not being in my hair 🙂

Kiss My Face – Active Life Deodorant: This is one of the first Natural Deodorants that I tired.  It was at my local grocery store, was the right price so I gave it a whirl.  However, it did not work for me.  My body did not take to it and it was like I wasn’t wearing it at all.

Just Plain No’s

OGX – Weightless Oil: I couldn’t figure out how to use this product.  It weighed my fine hair down, made it oily and sticky and just left it lifeless.  I tried many times, did some research but came up empty.

*Raspberry Mint – Dry Heels & Feet, Makeup Remover & Hemp Lips: I was contacted by the owners of this company when they were just launching to test out their products.  They are fairly local or close to me.  I love supporting local and Canadian, so of course I said yes!  I am so sorry to report that these items just did not work for me.  The smell, although raspberry, was to over powering for myself and those around me.  The makeup remover stung my sensitive eyes and the hemp lips was so oily that pimps started to form around my lips after prolong use.  I have seen many bloggers review their items, all with different packaging and thoughts. So hopefully they have reformulated and re-branded.

Nonetheless, I have a coupon code for 50% off your order for RaspberryMint grand opening.

Use code: grand50 (expires: March 31, 2017) 



NYX -Mat Finishing Spray: Before I switched to Green Beauty, I loved this setting spray.  It was very long lasting and held my foundation really well.  It had a nice, soft mist that wasn’t too over powering, and the price for the amount was great as well.

Maybelline -Age Rewind Concealer: This is a beauty bloggers favourite for many! To this day, if I am asked for a conventional concealer I recommend this one.  It never creased on me, matched my skin well and blended to perfection. Great price point as well.

ELF – Lip Exfoliator:  I would still be using  this, however it has dried out.  When it was new I loved it!  It had a nice smell, the lip balm and grit worked nicely together.  Some lip scrubs are too harsh for me, but this one was just right!


Root Pretty – Under Eye Brightener: You might be surprised to read that I did not like one of Root Pretty’s products….and I was disappointed when it happened too!  This product, although I tried many times to love it, just did not do what I needed it to do for my skin.  I found that it settled into my lines and would get cakie.

Root Pretty – Booster Liquid Minerals Foundation:  I purchased 2 samples, which I love that they offer that option 🙂  The clear for priming, the tinted for foundation.  I  did not like either.  The clear left my skin oilier than normal and the tinted foundation sat on  my skin and separated around my nose and mouth leaving visible lines.

I love so many of Root Pretty products that I wanted to give you a chance to try them for yourself.  Here is 10% off our first order with Root Pretty, by following this link

Be sure to check out my other reviews of my favourites from Root Pretty! Here, here and here 🙂



ELF – Translucent Powder: I loved this powder!  It was light enough that didn’t leave my skin dried out but left a nice finish to my skin.  Price was great and matched me pretty well.

ELF – Under Eye Powder: This I picked up off of ELF’s website when they were having a sale.  It is a nice white powder that helped set my under eye, when I wore product under the eye as well as left a nice soft glow while matifying the area.


So there you have it Beauties!  Some of my Hit’s, Misses & Just Plain No’s!

Where there any in my list that you have tried and loved? Hated? Never heard of? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments

Thanks Beauties,

Blog sign off


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* This was a PR sample. All other items were purchased by Talsbeautyopinion.  As always, this does not and will not alter my honest opinion on a product. Talsbeautyopinion is not a makeup artist, beauty or skincare specialist and will not be held liable for any recommendations. Therefore, try at your own risk.

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7 thoughts on “Hits, Misses & Just Plain No’s

  1. Thank you for your honest post! Like Ingrid, I don’t have time to write reviews on products I don’t like, so I just really don’t mention them. Not to say that my reviews are not honest!

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  2. Bless you Tal for staying straight and true – I too always WANT to like what I’m sent, but it doesn’t always turn out that way. Love the theme of this post – lots of information, and I’m always excited to find out what YOU love xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Good on you for writing this post! I must admit I have a tendency not to blog about products that I don’t love. I only publish one blog post a week apart from the Monday Makeup Madness link up and so I find it hard to blog about everything I want to. Quite early on as a blogger I made the decision not to blog about products that don’t work for me unless it’s in an empties post. However I must admit that I love reading blog posts about products other bloggers don’t like.


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  4. I haven’t tried anything from your list, but there’s certainly been things recommended by bloggers & beauty lovers alike that have been hits, misses & just plain no’s with me too. Unfortunately sometimes products get so hyped that you feel like the odd one out for not liking it. I too believe in the importance of honest blogging – no chance of me saying I love/like a product when I don’t.

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