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Fitglow Beauty Haul & meeting Anna, the founder | Natural, Green Beauty

Pretty pink boxes excite me!

Fitglow Beauty Haul | Natural, Green BeautyI had the honor to meet the founder of Fitglow Beauty over the week and let’s just start by saying, Anna is a sweetheart!

I woke up with my skin acting out. My gluten intolerance had reared it’s angry head and left my skin less than perfect. I thought “great, on the day I get to meet and talk to my favourite Canadian skincare lady”. I used my Fitglow products: CCC, RRC and than applied my Vita Active Foundation and my skin calmed down.

Upon meeting Anna she greeted me with a hug and it was like catching up with a girl friend that I hadn’t seen in a few days. She also made my day when she commented on how lovely my skin was. Sometimes it’s the little things 😊

We talked for a good hour about new products that had launched, items that were coming and some favourites. I even got a sneak peek at new packaging for her lip products. Hint: it’s so good! Like jump up and down good. 😉

I had in mind what I wanted to pick up but just hadn’t bought off of the website yet. It’s a good thing because ShopEco had a promo on and I was able to pick up a new item from the line that will only be sold in a box set, for free with my purchase.

I had my eye on the new brushes and powder. I was happy to see that they had them in Stock.

I picked up:

  • Teddy foundation brush
  • Vita set powder
  • Face cleansing brush
  • Good lash mascara

Anna gave me a few samples of the new items that had just launched as well!

  • Detox cleanser
  • Age clear lotion
  • Vita rich cream

My gift with purchase was the new microscrub.

Fitglow Beauty Haul | Natural, Green Beauty
Photo Credit: Fitglow Instagram

I loved meeting Anna. Her passion for what she does just pours out of her. She made me feel so comfortable and treated me like a friend. Her knowledge of her products and what goes into them just shows you that she’s hands on and completely in it! Not just the face of the company but lives and breathes what she creates and makes. Nothing goes to market without her 100% approval and if she doesn’t love it and won’t wear it, neither will her customers.

Fitglow Beauty Haul | Natural, Green Beauty
Tal, Anna, Victoria & Melissa. Photo Credit: ShopEco

My collection of Fitglow is growing and I love seeing the pretty pink bottles in my cabinet.
I look forward to the furture of Fitglow and where Anna and her team are taking it. More and more great items are coming. The foundation of what they had created already is beyond amazing. A small town Canadian company has grown and is now becoming a household name in Natural,  Green Beauty.

My heart smiles for Anna and I am genuinely touched by her and what she has been able to accomplish with her passion and dream for a better skincare / makeup line.


Thanks Beauties,

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* All other items were purchased by Talsbeautyopinion.  As always, this does not and will not alter my honest opinion on a product. Talsbeautyopinion is not a makeup artist, beauty or skincare specialist and will not be held liable for any recommendations. Therefore, try at your own risk.


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