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Kaia Naturals Charcoal Detox Deodorant | Review

When a deodorant company says your gonna get smelly before your clean outta the water….. you know it’s a company you can trust. (*not Kaia Naturals exact words) 

Kaia Naturals Charcoal Detox Deodorant | First Impressions

I made the switch to natural deodorant a while back. You can read my review on the first one I tried here. But I was very interested in this one as I had heard and seen it everywhere. Do a search for natural deodorant and I’m sure you will see this one pop up or be listed.

They offer a few scents but the juicy bamboo sounded the best and I was interested to know what bamboo smelt like 😉

The stages of Detox, described by Kaia’s graphic!

Stages of Detox - Kaia Naturals
Photo Credit: Kaia Naturals Website

This is a fun diagram but describes what is happening so well.  Just like a roller coaster, it starts off smooth and care free, slowly a few twists and turns come up, than your stomach is ripped up into your chest only to end with a sigh of relief when the ride stops.  (* I hate roller coasters, so just writing that made me nauseous) 

I have been using this for about 2 months, so I am well past the detox stages but I will take you through some of my points.

Like I had mentioned, I was already using a Natural Deodorant when I started this challenge, so I may not have had the strongest transformation.  However I still experienced the 4 stages that are listed above.

The stage that hit me the hardest would be stage 3 – sweating.  I felt like I perspired more than normal and with sweat comes smell. Gross!  I was just switching jobs at this point too, so I was entering a new place of work, with new people and I was smelly LOL

I found reapplying it throughout the day did help, but really, who wants to carry deodorant around with them and have to sneak it to the washroom? Not me.  I managed to get through it by wearing layers and short shelves so that I could “vent my pits” 🙂

Now that I am past the 4 stages, I love this deodorant.  Is it the one for me? That is yet to be seen.  I do find that at different times of the month, I can still smell something….is it sweat or just the bamboo scent coming through and working?  I’m not sure. I still like it and would recommend this to anyone starting out with Natural Deodorant.  The price is high, but it is worth it 😉


Have you tried this deodorant? What were your thoughts? 

Thanks Beauties,

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7 thoughts on “Kaia Naturals Charcoal Detox Deodorant | Review

  1. I gave up natural deodorants years ago Tal because they just didn’t work, but it sounds like things might have improved on the research front. Just recently tried an aussie one called Earth Mumma Pit Paste – have only used it once (and not on a work day) and it seemed pretty good, although there was quite a bit of wetness that I really don’t enjoy. Still, the junk that’s in standard deodorants is just so bad, so it’s worth a little discomfort hey xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I almost did give up to Kats. It sure is one of the hardest products to switch over. It’s also one of the most personal because not everyone’s body is going to work with it.


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