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Weleda Salt Toothpaste | Natural, Green Beauty Review

When I started my Green Beauty journey I wasn’t sure what products I would be the most reluctant to let go of.  Toothpaste, deodorant and nail polish seem to be the products that were on that list! Although I have made the switch with my deodorant recently, the other two are proving to be difficult.

Weleda Salt Toothpaste | Natural, Green Beauty Review

I received a blogger beauty box with all Weleda products in it recently.  I was super excited as I had been wanting to try more of their products.

My initial thought when opening it was “it’s brown! ” 😕 um ok…. so I smelt it and it smelt like toothpaste. The smell you expect to smell! I was still skeptical as how is something that’s brown that has salt suppose to clean my teeth and be good for me? Are we not suppose to be lowering our salt intakes??? 🙄

But I gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised….by the taste.  This may not throw many off but I never really gave the taste of my toothpaste much thought until I was gagging on this one. Lol. I know, great sell Tal! But let’s get real, if I didn’t touch base on this point and you tried it you’d hunt me down. So, with that detail out of the way, on to the good points.

Once I get past the taste I actually do like this toothpaste.  It didn’t leave my mouth feeling “clean” like conventional toothpaste does. There is no mint flavour here. But it did leave me feeling clean and fresh. The salt really does make a difference in this case. It doesn’t lather up and foam but it coats nicely and scrubs away at your morning breathe.

As I went about my day, drinking my black tea, I noticed that I didnt feel any scum or build up forming on my teeth!

I have gone back and forth the last few days testing this toothpaste against what I have used for as long as I can remember,  and I’d have to say Weleda Salt Toothpaste takes the win 🤗 I still don’t like the taste but I am willing to look paste that for a green, natural product.

I was shopping on and noticed that they carry this. Both sample size (what I received) and full size as well. I have linked them both here and here.

( ***use code: talsaves10 to save $10 off your first purchase of $40 or more 🙂 expires 05/27/17)


So Beauties,  what do you think? Could you get past the taste for the sake of green, natural beauty and your health? Let me know in the comments below and if you have any suggestions for natural nail polish options!

Thanks Beauties,

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7 thoughts on “Weleda Salt Toothpaste | Natural, Green Beauty Review

  1. Hi there Tal – always enjoy reading about the natural products you find hon, thank you. This one is interesting because it does sound effective, but it would depend how bad the taste is. I’ve not repurchased a product because the smell was awful, and I reckon I’d be the same with taste – at the moment I look forward to cleaning my teeth, and I’d really like to keep it that way lol xxx

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  2. Wow this sounds so interesting! I am currently using an activated charcoal toothpaste and I totally understand what you mean by being reluctant to use toothpaste which isn’t white or with a minty stripe through it! But I am loving it, I will have to check this out too 🙂
    x Marisa ( / @marisarobinson.mua)


    1. Thanks Amy. I haven’t seen the “Now Foods” toothpaste. I’ll have to look it up. Thanks for the recommendation 🤗


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