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Avalon Organics Lotion & Body Wash Review | Natural, Green Beauty 

After a long day of work, there’s nothing like running a hot bath with Epsom salts, current book and possibly a glass of wine! I’ve never been a bubble bath kinda girl, until now 😆 Avalon Organics Bath & Shower Gel with Rosemary has converted me!

Avalon Organics Lotion & Body Wash Review | Natural, Green Beauty

This can be used as a body wash or a bubble bath 😁 I’ve only used it as a bubble bath and love it! It gives off this amazing scent and produces some pretty serious bubble action.

In combination to the bath and shower gel, I have been using and loving Avalon’s body lotion with lavender. Oh my senses go wild for lavender and this is no exception. The cream is smooth and refreshing on my skin, leaving behind a light lavender scent that lingers for quit some time. The lotion is hydrating and soaks into my skin nicely. I love using is after my bath, as it gets me truly into a sleepy time trance.

Avalon Organics Lotion & Body Wash Review | Natural, Green Beauty

Avalon Organics products have no GMO’s, are vegan, biodegradable and hypo-allergenic. Their products are dermatologist tested, have no parabens, harsh preservatives or synthetic colours. The never test on animals 😆


I have been eyeing this brand for quite some time, so I was thrilled when a PR package showed up with some of the best sellers! I have loved everything that I’ve used so far and can not wait to keep testing out their other products.


Have you tried any of their products? What have you loved from their brand?!

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18 thoughts on “Avalon Organics Lotion & Body Wash Review | Natural, Green Beauty 

  1. Hi Tal – thanks for a great review, you know me and body washes (lol). I’ve just seen they have a lemon one as well, and I’ve found an aussie website that sells quite a few of their products ( – the whole range sounds wonderful ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kats! So glad that you found a site that you get their products from in Australia! Please let me know if you do pick some of their stuff up. I would love to hear your thoughts 🤗


    1. It thickens up pretty well, nothing crazy though. More fluffy than lotion thick. I dont think rose petal would float on top of these bubbles 🙂


    1. Hi Kee!! Thanks for stopping by my post 🙂 I have sensitive skin and have to be careful of what I put on it as well 🙂 You should give this brand a try. They have many scents to choose from as well. Also, check out Live Clean body washes! LOVE them as well.


    1. Hi Jenny! Thanks for stopping by my post 🙂 I love these products and have heard so many great things from other bloggers about their products too. They have quit the collection of scents too 🙂


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