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Alba Botanicals Sunscreen Review | Natural Beauty 

Sun has never been my friend.  My pale skin turns red just thinking of the sun. Last year I was introduced to a natural sunscreen (here) that changed everything. This year a new natural sunscreen has come along and not only changed everything but has made my outdoor experience 100% better! Alba Botanicals Sport SPF 50 in spray form!!!

Alba Botanicals Sunscreen Review | Naural Beauty

I never gave spray sunscreen much thought when I was using conventonal products. I always thought they couldn’t be as effective as wiping a lotion directly onto your skin. Boy was I wrong!

When I recieved my PR package I was thrilled as I hadn’t tried any Alba Botanicals products yet but also because I wanted to test out more sunscreens. Also, there was a pretty pink surprise in the box 🤗

I have 2 puppies,  so being outside is important to me but skin health is top priority to me as well. This spray on sunscreen is so easy and fast to use. When you have 2 doggies excited to go play or for a walk, you need fast and effective products that get the job done and on the go.

While still staying true to my Natural and Green Beauty mission, this sunscreen is UVB/UVA protection, has 100% vegetarian ingredients, has no oxybenzone, parabens and is not tested on animals. Although it is in spray form, it has an air powered system with no chemical propellants.

What I also love about this sunscreen is that it is water and sweat resistant for up to 80 minutes and hypoallergenic. This gives me lots of play time outside or a nice long walk with my boys!

Alba Botanicals also released a face sunscreen which I love as well. It is very creamy. Not thick like other brands. This makes it very easy to apply! My nose, ears and chin always get the worst of it, when I’m not wearing a hat. Although I’m trying to wear a hat at all times when I’m outside,  this sunscreen gives great protection and doesn’t let my ears down!

It is easy to wash off at the end of the day and is scent free! Which is great because there is nothing worse than smelling like sunscreen!

I still love my very first sunscreen that I tested out, but this one just upped the anti and is in a whole other category on its own!


Have you tested out any natural sunscreens lately? Have you tried this one? 

Thanks Beauties,

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11 thoughts on “Alba Botanicals Sunscreen Review | Natural Beauty 

  1. I couldn’t have read this review on alba botanicals sunscreen at a more opportune time! I am at the beach and I’m getting ready to go purchase some sunscreen and I always try to use green beauty products that are also cruelty free, excited to try out the sunscreen now!!

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  2. Gosh Tal I had no idea there were natural sunscreens on the market, and especially not ones that were 40 or 50+. So good that there’s no fragrance too – I used to love the smell of sunscreen when I was a beach-goer, but I sure don’t want to go to the office reeking of zinc ha ha ♥♥♥

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