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EcoTan the Natural Way! | Natural, Green Beauty Review

Golden, sun kissed skin. Everyone loves a little colour on their skin, especially in the summer! I am not blessed with skin that tans. I burn lobster red and than peel 😦 all the while crying from the pain.  Just like my hair doesn’t hold a curl, my skin doesn’t hold a tan.  With EcoTan products, that has all changed!

EcoTan the Natural Way! | Natural, Green Beauty Review

I had seen this product pop up on my Instagram feed all last year, but never bought into the self tanning/spray tan craze.  I had tried in the past one but never found that it worked or it left me with an orange look and since I am as pale as Casper the Ghost, it is not a pretty look.

What made me try them this year you might ask?  Well, I’m glad you asked!  I saw that they had a travel essentials kit with their top 5 best sellers in one convenient travel case.  I love kits like this because you get to try many different items without spending too much or wasting products. I also wasn’t sure which sunless tanner to try, Winter Skin or Invisible Tan.

I have used and tried out all 5 of the products and have recently repurchased 3 of my favourites: Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub, Coconut Body Milk and Winter Skin.

First up is Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub.  I use this as directed, before my shower on dry skin to remove all dead skin and prep my skin for colour.  It is organic and natural, with ingredients of organic lemongrass, coconut oil,  and pink Himalayan salt.  It leaves my skin smooth and silky!  I feel that after I shower it off I do not need to apply moisturizer as the coconut oil has left my skin hydrated and nourished.  It can be used from head to toe! However, my face does not like coconut oil so I have not tried it.

EcoTan the Natural Way! | Natural, Green Beauty Review

Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub does not contain…

  • NO synthetic ingredients
  • NO toxic chemicals
  • Definitely NO artificial microbeads

My skin being fair, Winter Skin worked best for me! The Invisible Tan was great as well, as I tested that out first.  It was great as a base tan to get me started, but I felt that it was too intense for my skin colour.

EcoTan the Natural Way! | Natural, Green Beauty Review

This is a gradual self tanner.  I use it every other day as my moisturizer before bed, usually.  It does not transfer which is a bonus!  I wore a white shirt on my day off after applying and it was all good 🙂 This gives my skin a nice touch of colour without being harsh or fake looking.  I have gotten a few compliments and questions on where I went on vacation 🙂 Winter Skin has ingredients like Aloe Vera, Cacao, Grape Skin, rose Gernium and Chamomile.  The great thing is that it does not smell like self tanner!

Winter Skin also does not contain…

  • NO orange or synthetic dyes
  • NO synthetic ingredients
  • And definitely NO horrid fake tan smell!

I was on the fence about buying the Coconut Body Milk. Not because it isn’t amazing, but because I have a few body lotions and did not want to go down the road of too many products again!  But alas, after using up the sample and loving every minute of it (my dogs loved it too….they can’t hold their lickers!) I knew I had to jump and pick the big one up of this as well.


This lotion is great all on its own.  But I love applying it between my tanning sessions.  It is also great to apply to the areas of your body that the tanner clings too before applying the tanner (elbows, knees, heels) Just recently learned this tip and it makes a world of a difference in the application and end result! It smells amazing, like summer time, tropical destination! I again, have not used it on my face because of the coconut oil, but from neck to toe this stuff rocks 🙂 It is also none greasy and leaves my skin soft, smooth and nourished. Coconut Body Milk has aloe vera, coconut oil, jojoba and macadamia in its ingredients.

Coconut Body Milk does not contain…

  • NO artificial ingredients
  • NO toxic chemicals
  • Definitely NO synthetic fragrances

EcoTan is a Australian made, owned and operated company that is very transparent in their brand.  Their line of products are made with organic, natural ingredients that are Certified by the Organic Food Chain Australia. EcoTan is vegan and licensed by PETA.  Their products have also won many awards for being the best natural self tanner 🙂

I decided to give EcoTan a go when I made this the year to love my body the way it was.  I have always hated my legs. Due to being super pale, my veins are on full display.  I also have permanent buries and marks on my legs that make me very self aware about them. But this year, being said that it was going to be a hot one where I live, I decided to break out of the shell and wear shorts!  Something I would NEVER do, like ever…. since using EcoTan, I have wore shorts in public and have felt proud of my legs.  I even got a compliment about my toned legs the other day 😉 (why yes I do lunges and squats!)

Something so simple and small as having a bit of colour on my legs has made me love my legs and branch out. Sometimes its the small things that make the biggest difference.


Have you used self tanners?  What is your favorite brand?  Will you try EcoTan out? My Aussie readers:  Have you tried EcoTan out?! 

Thanks Beauties,

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7 thoughts on “EcoTan the Natural Way! | Natural, Green Beauty Review

  1. I haven’t heard of this brand before Tal – thanks so much, that Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub is calling my name! I usually go for Bondi Sands, but I’m interested in this Winter Skin product, especially if it doesn’t stain xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I sure have used some Eco Tan products before! I don’t mind the Coconut Body Mylk during summer (it isn’t moisturising enough for winter); but they’ve decreased the size from 500mL to 375mL whilst maintaining the same price, which I’m not happy about. Still, it’s a good staple body moisturiser. I’ve also got their Extreme Exfoliant mitt & that’s great when I cba using a body scrub but want to exfoliate my body. I’m keen to try the Winter Skin next summer, even though tanning scares the hell out of me! (Not sure if I’d use it on my face though.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Shell!!! I didn’t know about the decrease in size. That sucks, especially that they kept the same price. Boo 😒 tanning scares me too. Especially because I’ve turned orange many times lol so far so good with Winter Skin 🤗


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