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Happy Birthday Canada! | Free Nail Vinyls (SOLD OUT!)

I am Canadian. Born and raised.  It is in my blood, my heart and soul, eh 😉 This year this amazing country turns 150!

Happy Birthday Canada! | 150 Years

To celebrate Canada’s Birthday, Nail Polish Canada and What’s Up Nails have created these fun nail vinyls! How fun?  And for my readers, I have 10 free Canadian nail vinyls (including shipping, totally free, no strings!) Just go here and use this code (C81SP95XWLUF9) and that’s it! If I’m all sold out, you can also see a list of other bloggers that have some left!

Let’s show Canada how much we love this great country by sporting these fun red Canada Maple Leafs on your nails 🙂 (Only available for Canadians)

Happy Birthday Canada! | 150 Years

Be sure to tag me in your posts and pics! (#talsbeautyopinion) so I can see your fancy work and please leave a comment below to let me know that you have gotten yours!!!

PS: Don’t forget to use these hashtags too! #whatsupnails & #nailpolishcanada

Thanks Beauties,

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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Canada! | Free Nail Vinyls (SOLD OUT!)

  1. I found you through Nail Polish Canada! So great to discover new Canada bloggers. 🙂 I redeemed for this offer through another code already – can’t wait to receive them and have a play with them. I hope I can make it look as good as the model!

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