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My Go To Lip Glosses – FitGlow Beauty | Natural, Green Beauty Review

There’s nothing like a pop of colour to pull your look together. Every colour of the colour spectrum is available these days, so the skies the limit!  But I’m a basics kinda girl 😃 Lip Glosses are my go to and Fitglow Beauty knocks it outta the park with their Good Gloss! Here are the 3 that are always in my purse and I grab for everyday.

My Go To Lip Glosses - FitGlow Beauty | Natural, Green Beauty Review

Nudes,  pinks and berry reds oh my! My ride or die colours that I grab for and buy all the time 😊 💄 Fitglow makes my perfect lip gloss formula. Not sticky,  long lasting, high shine and good for you.

My Go To Lip Glosses - FitGlow Beauty | Natural, Green Beauty Review
Fitglow Good Gloss: (left to right) Nudie, Liv, Deep


A perfect shade for “my” nude. It has a hint of pink undertones that makes it pop but nude enough that it blends in. This shade works with any look. Glam and natural, whatever I’m feeling that day, Nudie is always down to join the party!


Pink! There is no denying that this is pink, but pigmented nicely that it is not juvenile. I have loved a bright pop of pink lip and couldn’t find one that works for me. This one is “the one” and works awesome. I have gotten many compliments on this gloss. It is also buildable!  Light pink on some days and BAM pink on other days 😆


Berry red with a hint of brown. I bought this one as my very first Good Gloss from Fitglow.  It was a great buy and I wore it almost everyday during the winter months. It wears down nicely, doesn’t leave a ring around my lips and reapplys nicely as well.

My Go To Lip Glosses - FitGlow Beauty | Natural, Green Beauty Review

Along with great pigment and long wearing,  ingredients are top of my list. Fitglow has amazing all natural ingredients that they use in all of their products.

Coconut oil, Shea butter and jojoba are all certified organic ingredients that hydrate, enhance and protect your lips. Fitglow is a Canadian company that never tests on animals and is gluten free.

Right now, FitGlow is re-marketing their Good Gloss for the summer launch. I was fortunate enough to meet with Anna, the founder, and got a sneak peek at the new look! Can not wait for the launch!

If you are looking for a great gloss that is natural, long wearing and great for you; look no further! Fitglow has you covered 😆


What is your go to lip gloss? 

Thanks Beauties,

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