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Empties #3 – 2017 | Natural, Green Beauty

This post always hits a spot in my heart!  I’m purging my beauty stash, recycling products and being reminded of my favourite beauty items 🙂  I have been on a “no spend” for a month and a bit.  I had gotten a pretty hefty stash building up and felt the need to use up what I had before spending aimlessly and wasting products and adding to the trash unnecessarily.  So, without further a due, here is my empties #3 for the year 2017!

Empties #3 - 2017

As you can see, I did a pretty good job 🙂  If you have been around my blog for a bit, than a lot of these items are no surprise to you! If your new, “Hi! Welcome” and please hit up these older Empties post to hear all my recent and still favs:

Empties #2 – 2017

Empties #1 – 2017 

Empties #3 - 2017

Live Clean

It wouldn’t be an empties without my love for Live Clean! I have written many reviews on these products, so I will list them below for you to check out.

*Biotin Shampoo & Conditioner

Live Clean: Head to Toe 

Repurchase: You bet! 

Empties #3 - 2017

Life Brand – Face Wipes

Always in my empties along with my cotton rounds, which seemed to have disappeared when I went to take the pictures.

Repurchase: yes to both 

Garner Texture Tease

Although this product is not natural by any means, I do still use it from time to time depending on my hair style.  It works great when I have short hair!  High pony tails that need volume, hold for my hard to curl curls.  I have another bottle that I am working through as it last a while for me.  I did a full review here.

Repurchase: Probably not as I am looking for a natural, greener product. 

Skintimate Shaving Gel 

I have used this for years!  Since I began shaving, this has been my go to.  I am on the hunt for a natural product, and may have found it 😉 Stay tuned for that! This product lathers up nicely and gives my razor something to glide on giving my sensitive, rash and razor burned pron legs a nice protection.

Repurchase: Yes, but only if I have to 🙂 

Empties #3 - 2017

Eco Tan 

This is the 4 of the 5 products that I picked up at the start of summer!  Loved them all. Still working on one! I did a full review here.

Repurchase: Hell ya!  I love all of these products and have repurchased 3 in the full size. 

Empties #3 - 2017


Vita Acti Foundation: My love for this Canadian company runs deep!  I love the Vita Acti Foundation! I haven’t tried a lot of natural, green foundations, but why would I when I found “the one” with Fitglow!  Check out  my full review here.

Repurchase: YES, YES, YES! I always have a back up waiting 🙂 

*Calm Cleansing Milk : I was sent this in a PR package from Anne, the founder.  It is smooth like milk, creamy and left my skin feeling hydrated and nourished.  I have combo skin, and get very oily in the summer months.  This did not strip my skin or irritate it in any way.  Like all of Fitglow products, a little goes a long way, so this lasted me quite a while.

Would I purchase this: Yes I would! 

*Detox Cleaner, Age Clear Lotion(s) samples: A while back I went to an event held by ShopEco in my city and got the pleasure of meeting the founder , Anna from FitGlow! You can read about my experience here. While I was there, Anna gave me samples of the Detox Cleaner and Age Clear Lotion (clear jars).   I fell in love with the Age Clear collection and have since repurchased the set.  When you buy from Fitglows official site, they send you samples, which I love!  I have purchased some items from those samples 🙂 I was lucky enough to get another sample of the Age Clear Lotion!  Win – win, since I already loved it.

Repurchase: Of course! 

Another empties post has come and gone.  All that can be recycled has made it to its new home.  Ready to start fresh and see what products I can finish up!


Have you done an empties post lately?  Leave the link in the comments!  I would love to read it 🙂 

Thanks Beauties,

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* These were provided for reviews.  All other items were purchased by Talsbeautyopinion.  As always, this does not and will not alter my honest opinion on a product. Talsbeautyopinion is not a makeup artist, beauty or skincare specialist and will not be held liable for any recommendations. Therefore, try at your own risk.

12 thoughts on “Empties #3 – 2017 | Natural, Green Beauty

  1. I am always so impressed by the self-control of beauty bloggers! I would never be able to keep all of these empties around (trust me, I’ve tried) 😀 Loved your post, you’ve got some super interesting products there

    x, Juliet

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Juliet! I keep em in a closet where I won’t see all the clutter lol works too good sometimes that I forget that the bag is overflowing!


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