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Veeda – Natural, Green Feminine Products | Review

PSA: You are now entering the TMI (to much info) blog post! The one where we discuss periods. We are woman, and we get them.  There is nothing to be ashamed of!  Especially when you have a Natural, Green product like Veeda.

After reading a fellow bloggers post of this product, I hopped onto their website to check them out.  I found my way into their shopping cart somehow!  But got distracted and didn’t end up placing my order.  A few days later, the company contacted me to offer samples to review! Well of course I said yes!

Veeda - Natural Feminine Products | Review

Have you ever stopped and thought “what are my tampons actually made from?”.  I was shocked to find out what was actually in the name brand tampons that I was willingly putting into my body every month.  We are so concerned with what we are putting into our bodies (food and drinks) and what we are putting onto our bodies (lotions and potions) but we forgot to think about what is in the little buggers that help us at that time of the month, every month.

My period and I are not close friends, more like acquaintances.  Between cramps, pimples and crabbiness, I would be fine if it left and never came back!

Every month, I am plagued with an intense headache, dizziness, and the feeling of wanting to throw up and/or sleep all day.  I never really understood it.  I just knew that is what always accompanied my period.  A nice little gift that Mother Natural would also bless me with every month.  It got so bad that I stopped using tampons and switched back to pads.

It wasn’t until then, that it hit me!  It’s the tampons causing all this extra nonsense every month.  I started to look into a more natural, healthier way to get through the week when Flow was in town 🙂

Veeda has some great imagery explaining, short and sweet about their products:

Babies group wearing diapers. Kids are crawling on floor.
Photo Credit:
Babies group wearing diapers. Kids are crawling on floor.
Photo Credit:
Babies group wearing diapers. Kids are crawling on floor.
Photo Credit:

Although, I was unable to find these at my local grocery store, they are easliy bought off of their website and are super affordable!


I was able to get a full work day (8 hours) out of one of the tampons without getting a headache or any of the other symptoms that I usually would have gotten after 2 hours of wearing the other brands.

At night, I always wear a pad.  I got to test out the the UltraThin Natural Cotton Pads. They fit nicely, were not bulky, soft and absorbent.  If you have worn pads at any point, you know the feeling of “wearing a diaper”.  These hugged my body and felt, looked and sounded invisible.  If I had to wear one to work or out and about, I would have no issues doing so.

Purchase?  Absolutely! I will be placing an order soon!


Have you ever considered making the switch to Natural, Green Feminine Products?  Maybe you never knew they existed?!  Now that you do, are you making the switch? 

Thanks Beauties,

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*PR Samples. This product was sent to Talsbeautyopinion for consideration and product testing/reviewing and did not receive payment for review.  As always, this does not and will not alter my honest opinion on a product. Talsbeautyopinion is not a makeup artist, beauty or skincare specialist and will not be held liable for any recommendations. Therefore, try at your own risk.

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10 thoughts on “Veeda – Natural, Green Feminine Products | Review

  1. Wow what a breakthrough for you Tal! Wish I’d known about this brand years ago. I always have an allergic reaction to any (and I mean ANY!) brand of panty liner – itching, burning and general discomfort, so much so that I had to ditch the idea of keeping fresh all day. Will definitely be trying these – I’m thinking of placing an order for a year’s supply as they seem to ship internationally. Thanks doll ♥♥♥


    1. Hi Kats! That’s not good 😦 Sorry you have had to go through this over the years. It is not a pleasant feeling for sure. They’re prices are so great that a year’s supply is manageable 🙂 ❤


    1. Hi Rachel! Thanks for stopping by! I to have heard of the subscription service, but at this time it is not offered in Canada. I love that Veeda is affordable. I hate that we have to spend so much for something that our bodies do every month! ❤


    1. Hi! I know right?! When I made the switch to Natural products at the beginning of this year, this never really crossed my mind either. Thanks for stopping by!


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